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(re)-thinking of cultural heritage

elina juopperi

16.10.2022 pazar

11.00 - 12.50

We invite you to get together, and think together about the cultural heritage, material or immaterial. Let’s have a look at the things from the past: the heritage which is undervalued, forgotten or even disliked, or if you prefer: the ones still loved and present. How have these things survived through modernism, industrialisation and contemporary life? What is their place in today’s society? Is there a future for those old heritage objects, things, habits? If there is a future what could it be? We invite you to describe to us your most (dis-) liked heritage object — draw it, show it in a photo or write it down. With this small collection of objects we can start to have a second look at them together. On our behalf We will introduce to you Raanu, a Finnish hand woven textile which was a very important object until it almost totally disappeared from our society. We are strongly looking forward to discovering your cultural heritage.


- Atölye dili İngilizcedir.

- Katılımcılardan çalışmaları özelleştirmek için kendi gereçlerini getirmeleri tavsiye edilmektedir. (Eskiz kalemleri, renkli kalemler, eskiz bandı..)

- Atölye açık havada gerçekleşeceği için hava koşullarını göz önüne alarak kıyafet tercihi yapmanız gerekmektedir.

- Kontenjan 15 kişi ile sınırlıdır.

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